Really dirty lead cast bullets.

First some questions and answers: I found a musket ball. How old it is? Lead musketballs have been around hundreds of years. You really can’t tell whether it’s or years old.. I found a 3-ringer bullet.

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Howey By the time the smoke had cleared and the veterans headed back to their homes, the American Civil War had exacted a terrible human cost. In four long years of bloody fighting, half a million of the three million men and boys in blue and gray had been wounded in combat. Two hundred thousand others had been killed. These staggering figures may be less surprising after considering all the macabrely ingenious killing machines taken onto Civil War battlefields—rifled cannon, multi-shot arms, crude machine guns, and repeaters, to name a few.

But it was not these spectacular weapons that drew the most blood during the Civil War. Ninety percent of the soldiers killed on the fields of battle owed their fate to a deceptively simple hand-held gun and its companion projectile:

Jan 28,  · The bullet on the far left is obviously a typical bullet fired from a cartridge and it appears to be in the caliber+ range. It strikes me as a little larger than something in caliber. The two lead balls in the middle have me scratching my head the most.

Yes, I have tried a bottom pour pot and did not like the results or experience. It is very slow when compared to the old Coleman Gas stove and my large Dutch oven lead pot. My pot holds about 45lbs. Couple hours casts a lot of bullets. For the handguns, any reasonable quality bullet will shoot better then I can. With this volume of melted alloy, I can add back sprues and add fresh metal with barely if any breaks in casting.

I use old candles or canning wax for fluxing and while some folk say this will not work, I have used it for YEARS with good results. One of the best tools is a Rowel bottom pour ladle available from suppliers such as Rotometals.

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I dug the following up in souteastern Arizona and I’m trying to determine exactly what I have here. During my metal detecting trips, depending on the area, I often dug up quite a bit of lead. Most of it is “mushroomed” modern bullets often with copper jackets and boattails. I shoot quite a bit myself and have a pretty good knowledge of bullets and cartridges but often I’ll dig something up that doesn’t strike me as “modern”.

The attached photo is what I dug up Sunday. The bullet on the far left is obviously a typical bullet fired from a cartridge and it appears to be in the.

Sep 06,  · First off, the bullet doesn’t seem to have the patina that a lead slug that old would have. As far as being in a park, I can think of several scenarios. A bullet that is fired and doesn’t hit anything can travel over a mile and if fired straight up will build up .

Gas check One of the earlier efforts to obtain better high-velocity performance involves placing a very shallow cup of copper alloy over the base of the bullet. This cup resembles a very short jacket, and is called a gas check. Cast bullets require a smaller diameter at the base to accept the gas check. Some gas checks are designed to crimp onto the base of the bullet, while others have a looser fit.

These lubricants softened the black powder fouling for easier removal and reduced the tendency of bullets to leave deposits of lead in the barrel as they were fired. The latter advantage continued to be significant with smokeless powder. Attempts to obtain satisfactory high-velocity performance with cast bullets have included experimentation with a variety of lubricant mixtures including such things as beeswax , carnuba wax , Japan wax , bayberry wax, paraffin , petroleum jelly , sperm oil , castor oil , stearyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, graphite , molybdenum disulphide , mica , zinc oxide , Teflon , cup grease, lithium soap , water pump grease, and a variety of more modern lubricating materials.

A small amount of solder will be added after the steel clips and slag have been skimmed from the melt.

30-30 lead bullets

Bismuth Bismuth is a silvery-white metallic element with a pinkish tint on freshly-broken surfaces. Its chemical symbol is Bi, and its atomic number is Bismuth was long thought to be a variety of lead or tin, which it resembles, until the chemist Claude Geoffroy showed in that it is a separate element. Bismuth is rarely noticed in everyday life.

Nov 01,  · Its too bad lead cant absorb carbon 14 because then you could conveniently say that the lead was old enough to be yours. If it was aver in question, you could do like any good scientist, retest the samples and give the answer that sounds best, but I digress.

Metal detecting holidays in England with the Worlds most successful metal detecting club Twinned with Midwest Historical Research Society USA Musket ball and bullets finds – English Civil War Under construction We find a large and diverse caliber range of musket balls being next to a major site of the English civil wars. I will be building a set of all the caliber’s found with dates of these finds on this page. In the north of the county, however, the Trained Bands declared for Parliament.

Sir Thomas Honeywood, a member of the county committee, seized the weapons in the county magazine at Braintree. On 10 June, Lucas marched into Braintree with about 4, troops, his movements shadowed by Colonel Whalley at the head of a small force of cavalry and dragoons. On 12 June, Lucas occupied Colchester hoping to recruit more troops before marching to raise the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk for the King. Meanwhile Lord-General Fairfax was marching swiftly up from Kent.

With his advance guard, he joined Whalley and Honeywood at Coggeshall on the 12th.

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Antique Shells, Antique Rifle Ammunition, Antique Ammo Over the years, a lot of old cartridges and ammunition shells have been discovered at battlegrounds in the U. While some of them are used ammunition, others have remained in their original boxes and casings for decades. Depending on their ages, conditions, and rarity, they may be worth a substantial amount of money and considered very valuable by gun enthusiasts and collectors.

Many firearms and antique collectors are willing to pay high prices to acquire rare antique ammo. Most collectors go to auctions or antique stores to purchase antique ammunition, other collectors prefer to shop online.

Well, I have got some old lead bullets of at least a couple of types which I am trying to identify. I hope this is the right section of the forum. They were found by a friend of mine whilst ploughing a field in Norfolk, England.

Forum A Cartridge Collector’s Glossary This alphabetical list of terms and definitions has been assembled from the comments and contributions of cartridge collectors over a five-year inquiry period. It is hoped that the terms used herein will be accepted on a universal basis to aid in our understanding and communication of cartridge lore. The sheath is made from thin, treated animal gut and is reasonably moisture proof. See William Mont Storm patent 33, and Hotchkiss patent 34, Most were made by D.

Sage and found in. A series of rimfires from. Most are readily identified by the distinctive bullet design. A popular example is the. ANVIL – A portion of the primer pocket or primer which provides resistance to the crushing action of the firing pin which causes the printing mixture to detonate. In some military rounds, a dye was used in this ring for waterproofing and often to identify some characteristic of the cartridge.

These were developed to reduce recoil, to make automatic fire more controlled and to enable personnel to carry more ammunition to support the high rate of consumption with those weapons. Rounds of this design can be attributed to the late s and several decades beyond.

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Here are a few tips from the CBA. The bottom of the box I was carrying fell through. I now have gr LSWC’s covered in dirt and sand. What can I clean them with? I thought about using diesel or mineral spirits. After cleaning I was going to put them in a plastic tray and pour liquid alox on them to relube.

Apr 12,  · Old lead bullets I had some “Northeast” brand,38 caliber, grain, hollow base wadcutters left over from around Thy had a little whitish coating on the outside I couldnt tell if it ws some type of lube or whether it was oxidation from the lead.

In the vernacular, it is where the rubber meets the road. This small, exquisitely formed bit of metal has been the focus of endless study, design and research. Although bullets of one sort or another have been in use for several centuries, modern hunting bullets are the best ever. Bullet construction The typical hunting bullet has a lead core inside of a gilding metal jacket. The jacket covers all but the nose of the bullet, where some lead is left exposed to initiate expansion.

Some rifle bullets have a “hollow point” instead of exposed lead at the front and some have a plastic or bronze tip that acts as a wedge to split the jacket and initiate expansion upon impact. All of these approaches work about equally well if executed properly. In most cases, the forward edge of the bullet jacket is scalloped or cut in several places to help it start to peel back. Lead is used for the core because it is heavy, relatively inexpensive, extremely stable and easy to mold.

Lead is a natural element.

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