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Share this article Share Following a Muslim revolt in Algeria in which Europeans died, in the late summer of an estimated 80, people were slaughtered by French troops. In March , there was another rebellion, this time in French Madagascar, where 37, white colonists lorded it over 4. In the course of restoring control, the army killed 90, people. America started paying the bills Paris could no longer afford and shipping a mass of weapons and munitions to Indochina. By , with Eisenhower in the White House, the French were fighting a war they were still losing in American helmets, jeeps, fighters and trucks, while firing on the Vietminh with mostly American guns. A critical moment came early in , when an 11, man French garrison found itself besieged in a remote valley miles west of Hanoi called Dien Bien Phu.

‘Jesus’ cockroach with a HALO discovered in Vietnam

As WWII helmets grow in value at an amazing rate, current collectors are beginning to look to other available options to keep their headgear collections affordable. Call it healing, call it understanding, call it respect, call it the aging of a generation; call it what you will, but historically, as generations of veterans enter their golden years, nostalgia begins to take effect. Couple this with a younger generation’s need to better understand their parent’s generation, and interest grows exponentially.

With this great influx of interest, how does one determine an authentic Vietnam era helmet from a simple ” found it in the garage” pot? That all depends on what you’re looking for.

Vietnam is pretty much lawless except you must wear a helmet. This seems to be the only law people obey out here. Like I said, foreigners often get a pass on this and I know guys who never wear a helmet.

Culture, Sport, and excursions Bicycle Rides through Con Dao Island Discover the main town, the market, the historical sites, and meet the welcoming locals 1. If you can tear yourself away from the resort’s magnificent softly curving pool by the beach, with mature mahogany tress to provide shade, you might want to take a boat trip to a nearby island or sail a hobie-cat through the enchanting waters of the East Vietnam Sea.

With a passionate commitment to supporting and protecting the environment, Con Dao has been built with the very lightest ecological footprint. Six Senses Con Dao delivers adventure, culture, sport, and excursions — a whole list of experiences to keep you entertained here in paradise. Approximately 3 miles 5 kilometres away you will find the main town, the market, historical sites, and the friendly locals. Take a glimpse of everyday life as you ride along the main road and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Stop at the port and see the local fisherman and their vessels. Let your butler know when you wish to go and a bike will be arranged for you at the Welcome Sala with a map, water and a helmet; off you go. Join the Local Fishing Experience What better way to spend the early morning than on a boat, feeling the sea breeze against your skin, with a backdrop of the Con Dao Archipelago.

We recommend you take this trip with an island local on his converted, but simple, fishing boat. Captain Thien has been plying the waters around Con Dao for over twenty-five years.

Casualties of War: Unforgettable Photos of the Vietnam Era

Uploading of these items now ongoing. Several new items recently listed on our sister website at www. More militaria now to be uploaded onto our sister website Bridgehead Militaria so please take a look: Updating Saturday 20th October. Always looking to buy quality militaria , single items or whole collections.

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Where To Buy Motorcycle Gear in Vietnam and Thailand. by Skins | Nov 23, bikes are usually smaller, but still a blast to ride. Thailand has every bike available that you could ever want. In Vietnam, there is a max limit of cc for motorbikes. Buying a Real Quality Motorcycle Helmet in Vietnam.

Let’s start with some basic rules: In both cases the straps are stitched to the loops. The use of clasps is postwar. Under the brim there is a number indicating the production lot. If this number is between 0 and then we have a WW2 era shell. Wartime shells are a little taller, in a darker shade of green. However straps OD 3 can be found in rear seam late war examples too. Postwar helmets have attached straps colour OD 7.

Mid war helmets were fitted with blackend steel buckle with simplified design.

Dating Vietnam War Helmet Covers

Three years later, on 14 September , the Battalion was redesignated as the 63rd Heavy Tank battalion and activated in Germany as an element of the 1st Infantry Division. The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 10 October as the 63rd Tank Battalion. The Battalion was inactivated at Fort Riley on 15 February and relieved from assignment to the 1st Infantry Division. The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 20 January as the 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor.

The Battalion was inactivated on 16 August and relieved from assignment to the 1st Infantry Division.

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We cycle about km in 14 cycling days, enjoy a number of rest days, and lots of time can be spent sightseeing and exploring Vietnam. The cycling is on a mixture of well-surfaced roads and good quality dirt tracks. Some of the days are quite long, and experienced riders usually find it sufficiently challenging. Faster cyclists can ride at their own pace after consulting the guides on the route. However, the average rider will want to ride and take photographs, stopping here and there to take in the magnificent sights.

If you race through the country, you won’t see much. Our route has been designed to explore the Vietnamese countryside that lies on either side of the main north-south artery, Highway 1. We spend no more than 20 km on this busy route. Away from the main roads, cycling in Vietnam is a wonderful experience; the bicycle is the most common form of rural transport, and you will share the road and tracks with beautiful girls in flowing ao dais, school children, and farmers.

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Bales: Fixed: July: Sept: Swivel/Flexible: Oct: End: Rim Butt: Front: July: Oct: Rear.

History[ edit ] The M1 helmet was adopted in to replace the outdated M A1 “Kelly” helmet [3] after research was done in the s by Major Harold G. The M1 was phased out during the s in favor of the PASGT helmet , [5] which offered increased ergonomics and ballistic protection. It should be noted that no distinction in nomenclature existed between wartime front seams so-called due to the location of the seam on the helmet’s brim and post war, or rear seam, shells in the United States Army supply system, hence World War II shells remained in use until the M1 was retired from service.

In Israeli service, reserve soldiers have used the M1 helmet in combat as late as Helmet covers and netting would be applied by covering the steel shell with the extra material tucked inside the shell and secured by inserting the liner. The outer shell cannot be worn by itself. Shell[ edit ] The shell of the M1 was changed mainly in silhouette, as seen from the side, from its World War II beginnings. The rim edge of the shell has a crimped metal band running around it, which provides a clean edge.

This is usually known as the “rim”. The metal band of the rim material has a seam where the ends of the strip meet. On the earliest shells the seam met at the front. This was moved to the back of the rim in ,[ citation needed ] when the rim went from being made of stainless steel to manganese steel. On each side of the helmet there are stainless steel loops for the chinstrap. The shape of these fixtures is one of the most recognizable distinguishing factors between shells produced at different times.

Why Is This the Only Existing Viking Age Helmet?

The flag is red with a five-pointed gold star in the center. The dong d is a paper currency of 10 hao and xu. There are coins of 1, 2, and 5 xu, and notes of 5 xu, 1, 2, and 5 hao, and 1, 2, 5, and 10 dong. The metric system is the legal standard, but some traditional measures are still used. Movable holidays include the Vietnamese New Year Tet.

The Vietnam War era liner was made from a thicker fibre that was more orange in appearance. It lacked an air vent and separate chinstrap, while the webbing arrangement was simplified. Instead of the helmet sitting low over the nape of the neck it was worn more level on the head.

Humans throughout recorded history have used various types of materials to protect themselves from injury in combat and other dangerous situations. At first, protective clothing and shields were made from animal skins. As civilizations became more advanced, wooden shields and then metal shields came into use. The details of pre-Homeric armor must always be largely a matter of inference.

The detailed descriptions of shields and armor in the Homeric epics carried a great appeal for the audience of that time, and provide considerable insight into archaic shields, greaves, helmets, and breastplates for modern readers. The hoplites, who formed the main Athenian army, wore helmet, body armor, greaves and ieshld, and fought with pike and sword. The helmets were either Corinthian, which covered the face to the chin, with slits for eyes, and often had no plume or crest; or the Athenian, which did not cover the face though sometimes it had cheekites which could be turned up if necessary , had crests, some triple, with plumes of feathers, horsehair or leather; a steel cap without crest, plumes or cheek-plates.

The Spartan army’s body armor consisted of breast and back plates fastened by thongs or straps and buckles; sometimes poverty compelled a man to be content with a leather jerkin strengthened by metal plates, or even a quilted linen or lined shirt. The equipment of the Roman soldier, passed through a number of changes.


There is a large variety of helmet shapes and designs. This fact has helped propelled the field of collecting helmets. While the hobby has growing popularity the value of the items has increased.

The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the United States military from World War II until , when it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet. For over forty years, the .

A person shaves both sides of their head only leaving a strip of hair in the center of the head. This hairstyle originated with the Iroquois. Instead of shaving the hair they would pluck it out. This hairstyle also resembles a look made popular by the Pawnee instead of the Mahican tribe. The Clonycaven who are from Ireland were seen with this hairstyle in early times. When they moved to Europe they brought this look with them. Since hair gel had to be imported from Europe men with this hairstyle were considered to be affluent.

Today people use the mohawk as a way to rebel from the norms of society. The record for the tallest Mohawk in the world belongs to Kazuhiro Wantabe and it reached While the hairstyle is said to take the name from the Mohawk nation the look became popular due to Hollywood productions.

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