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Background and Description The first Pixie bikes of the s were a design all of their own, and came in different versions for girls and boys. Later pixie bicycles were miniature versions emulating larger Schwinn designs, such as the Stingray, Chopper, and Low Rider styles. The Schwinn Pixie II bike was made in Schwinn Pixies came in various colours. The classic Schwinn shape, in addition to the nostalgia of buyers who rode these bikes when they were children, result in a large market for pixie bikes. People are often interested to get hold of one for their own children to ride. Generally these bikes were of high quality, and most will still be fine to ride. Genuine Schwinn Pixie bicycles will say Pixie and Schwinn on the body, and have a Schwinn plate to the front bar.

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Serial numbers All bikes 1 all have unique serial numbers. Most bicycles have their serial number engraved beneath their bottom bracket, but sometimes serial numbers are found in other places. Here are some examples of where and what to look for: The bottom bracket where serial numbers are typically located is circled. A serial number on the underside of a bottom bracket. Another serial number beneath the bottom bracket, aligned parallel to the frame.

A: No. Schwinn made many different kinds of bikes in the USA before they went overseas in the ‘s. Only some of the bikes they produced have a value to collectors. Varsities and Colligates are on the bottom of the barrel, girls bikes of any kind are low in the pecking order.

The feel, the sound, the way the motor just pulls away from a corner. Riding a big single cylinder four stroke is addicting. But not for everyone. I happen to be one of the intoxicated ones. The most accessible of them all was the Gold Star and that is where Yamaha started. We were still loving the big twins.

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As with the blue, the color was achieved by painting the frame with a base coat of silver paint and then overlaying the desired frame color. The actual color of the frame could vary some depending on how thick the paint was laid down. Black Sable Painted Frame – Photo courtesy of Scott Loveless Black were given out as warranty replacements, but, were also available to order. See press release on references page.

This app is a must for all lovers of Chopper bikes! This app has over videos all included: Chopper Bike SinFuel Choppers Motorized Bicycle Schwinn OCC Stingray Chopper.

The Company sells its Schwinn Fitness products, under the Schwinn and Trimline brand names, and its Nautilus consumer fitness products through retail athletic stores. The Schwinn brand name, may it be Bicycles or Fitness, It continues to lead the industry with its powerful name. The letters “I” and “O” are not used, to avoid mistaking them for numbers. If there is only one letter in the first two positions, the first number or two numbers refer to production year.

Date Codes occupy the first two, three or four positions in a serial number. Mass produced Schwinn bikes have been data-coded since by the first two letters in the serial number.

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But after recently concluding forty years of ownership, please indulge me the privilege of sharing its story. Maybe we can think of this as the Impala Sport Coupe of bikes, if that helps. The story begins with a much cooler bike and my first totalled vehicle.

Discussion – Vintage Bicycle Dating Archived discussions: July 17, through Sep. 17, I have a Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady. The Serial Number I found on the frame where the front forks go through is JT Can you tell me what year bike this is and the value if possible.

A Schwinn Lil Tiger coaster bike. We believe this is an early Lil Tiger. The serial number is it’s on the seat tube. This was a project bike that was taken off the rails. You are bidding on a near complete project bike as shown. You will get everything as shown in the photos. Please view and ask questions prior to bid- all sales are final.

The Schwinn Stingray

October 20, , The article indicated that the move was done to make it easier to read the serial number, and that the change was made primarily for law enforcement because at the time bike theft was becoming a major problem. Anyway, the article stated that during the transition there would be bikes with numbers in both places, exactly as seen on the tandem in question here. It stated that this was because when the change was made, all frames in existing inventory were simply re-stamped with new numbers on the head tube.

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Locating the Serial Number – Chicago built Schwinn serial numbers are found on the left rear axle-hanger or fork-end on the frame. If letters were used for date codes, they skipped the letters “I” and “O” as they looked too much like numbers. This scheme is for all Chicago built non-Paramount models excluding Superiors and Super Sports whose serial numbers are located on the left rear axle hanger and consist of a single letter code for the month [again, skip"I” and"O”], the last digit of the year and a 3-digit sequential build number — e.

The Super Sports with Huret dropouts seem to have used a two digit year ‘C ‘ — March, , th frame. The Le Tour and Super Le Tour models had their serial numbers on the left rear axle hanger and many began with an ‘S’, followed by the Japan Made numbering system. The number will have a production month letter in either the first or second position and a production year number in the other first or second position.

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How do you tighten the chain on a schwinn airdyne? Two places to tighten the chain and it requires you to loosen the nuts on BOTH sides of the bike, almost at the same time. Start at the fan wheel top of the bike. First thing you need to do is to loosen the little nut at the hub of the fan wheel on both sides. Unscrew it almost t…o the point of taking it off, but leave it screwed on the end of the bolt so it will stay on the bike.

Then use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nut a bit on one side and then do the same on the other side OR use both hands and loosen both at the same time by unscrewing with adjustable wrench in opposite directions on both sides.

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Cantilever frame Buying Vintage Schwinn Bikes If you’re interesting in purchasing an antique or vintage bicycle made by this iconic company, you’ll have plenty of options. Price varies significantly, depending on the condition, age, scarcity, and desirability of the model. Whether you’re looking for a fixer-upper or want a bike in mint condition, there are plenty of places to shop. You’ll see many of the models Schwinn produced in the last half of the 20th century, along with some older models from the earlier part of the company’s history.

You’ll also find parts for Schwinn bikes of all ages. If you’re buying a vintage Schwinn on eBay, be sure to ask lots of questions about the bike’s condition. Also keep shipping costs in mind, since packaging and transporting a bike can be costly. Old Roads Old Roads specializes in vintage bicycles from several different brands, including Schwinn. You can browse their selection online, and they also offer a great deal of helpful information about assessing a bike’s condition. Before they are sold, all the bikes are tuned up by professional bicycle mechanics.

How much is my 1978 schwinn sneaker bike worth?

His family moved to Palmdale when he was 12 and he lived there for 58 years. In , he graduated from Palmdale High School where he met the love of his life, Linda. Gary served in the National Guard for eight years and worked most of his life as a New Construction Plumber. But, his greatest passion was motorcycle riding. Dinesen went on to sponsor numerous riders from central and southern California in dirt track racing and roadracing with Ron Pierce, a young Bakersfield rider.

This is the Schwinn Collegiate dating to This piece is ready to ride, and really looks great with its orange copper coloration. All paint and hardware is in good condition, showing light signs of age and use.

My current project has been nicknamed the “elephant man” so it will be hidden from public view til the last possible moment! The fourth bicycle up in my typical stark, soul-less, reference-like photographs is either a Shelby Model 40 or Model The only difference really is with or without the tank, so until someone says otherwise lets call it a 40! Typical of prewar bikes this one runs a Morrow hub, a skiptooth chain and a sweetheart ring gear on dogleg cranks, with some Torrington 10 pedals Schwinn used a similar ring but was a little beefier looking.

Check out those deep fenders! This is where the date can get a little tricky, as there is a square cut end typical on earlier bikes, and an angled cut end typical on later bikes. Fortunately was the transition year. I wonder if one guy fit, welded and filed down the frame, or was it an assembly line? Strangely enough this tank has no holes. Another tank I have has a light switch and a wire outlet.

It’s got some neat lines, and the top view shows a streamlined fish form. My rattlecan paint job definitely doesn’t do it justice! Prewar Shelby On top of that fender sits a beater Delta Horn-light. Some shelby versions had an S drilled into the sides instead of those slots.

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Larger Image The name says it all – the top of the Schwinn line. Schwinn today is part of Pacific Cycle. While Schwinn often had a reputation for building heavy bikes for kids, the Paramount line had a reputation for finely crafted, relatively light road bikes. That is obviously a great price. The very nice woman selling it was good natured about the low price.

This is a coppertone Schwinn Stingray that is in as found, survivor condition. It is all original with the exception of the high rise sissy bar, and the rear slick.

Restored by Level One, CO. Marty and his band will be performing live Saturday night, at 7: These guys are known nationwide as being among the best blues rock band in the country, garnering national acclaim and numerous awards. This is your chance to see some real Chicago blues up close and in person. Her unique blend of influences includes: Whether political or personal, Carmel’s music has energy and humor that will lift your spirits and make you want to dance.

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Copper 1967 Schwinn Collegiate Bike Ladies Bicycle 18

This listing is for a group lot of 6 boxes of old bicycle spokes and nipples. Some parts are still in plasic. Mostly spokes, some nipples. Made in Germany, there are 23 spokes, and quite a few nipples. Marked 12 v 8.

Dating a schwinn stingray. 36 Comments; Eventually, the Stingray evolved into the BMX bike with somewhat shorter handlebars, a single saddle, and beefy bikes are used for dirt racing, jumps and tricks.(See Schwinn Timeline.) Schwinn today is part of Pacific Cycle.

It has a wide, motorcycle-size rear tire and a riveted saddle seat. The custom-stretched chopper frame includes a wedge-shaped piece of metal where a motorcycle’s gas tank would be. The bike even parks like a real motorcycle, thanks to a double-leg kickstand that raises the front wheel when locked down. A closer look reveals amazing detail.

The word “Sting-Ray” in white lettering on the tires. Black dice inner-tube caps. The Sting-Ray weighs a healthy 45 pounds and feels like it would last forever. This chopper is a great cruiser. Schwinn is producing just 3, of these first-edition Sting-Rays. These are destined to be sought-after collectables like the old Schwinn Sting-Rays of the s and ’70s.

Best Vintage Schwinn Stingray I’ve Ever Seen!