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But, for everyone else who has to drive to the trail head, thankfully there are plenty of bike racks on the market. Yakima has been making a number of quality options for quite a while though few have matched the ease of use and versatility of the HoldUp. The first generation proved to be a winner, so when we were offered a chance at reviewing the latest generation, we jumped at the opportunity. The HoldUp turns out to be a great rack, but not without a few surpises. More after the jump. Like the original HoldUp, one of the best features of the rack is that it fits nearly any size, wheel, or style bike and all without contacting the frame. The method of supporting the bikes like other upright racks also means that there is no chance of the bikes rubbing together while driving potentially causing damage to your frame or components. At Interbike, Yakima said they were investigating ways of carrying fatbikes with the hold up, but as of now there are no definitive plans. On a whole, the HoldUp is a great rack but this little clip was the cause of a lot of headaches. Which could result in the lock coming loose from the arm.

Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike 2″ Trailer Hitch Receiver Racks and Carriers 8002443 Installation Video

November 11, But on Friday night, Strasser was one of three Richland players to return an interception for a touchdown, as he helped the Bombers roll the visiting West Valley Yakima Rams at Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium in a first-round Class 4A state playoff game. I hope I did that, and did the right things. Never miss a local story.

holdup November 10, At Yakima, we believe the outdoors is more fun when shared. Shared with friends. And with family. Shared with goofballs, wingmen, dreamers, crushes and jokers. The more the merrier. Because the outdoors is not just about the adventure, it’s about the stories told, the inside jokes and the shared memories.

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The Xbox will compete against the upcoming generation of consoles, including the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution, and was officially unveiled on MTV on May 12, , a week before the E3 trade show. Except in Japan the console is sold in two different configurations: The Xbox configuration, often referred to as the “Premium Edition”, includes a hard drive required for backwards compatibility with original Xbox games , a wireless controller, a headset, an Ethernet cable, an Xbox Live silver subscription, and a component HD AV cable which can also be used on non-HD TVs.

Best Bike Racks

Loading and unloading your bikes is easier with a Hitch Mounted Bike Rack than a Roof Mounted Bike Rack because you only have to lift the bikes up waist-high. Hitch mounted bike racks are the easiest racks to operate. As opposed to hauling your bikes onto the roof of the car, rear-mounted hitch racks make loading bikes easier since you only need to raise your bike waist-high. Hitch mounted bike racks also install easily and can be removed easily with a single tool, or sometimes no tool at all, making it a great choice for weekend warriors or people who only want a rack for seldom use.

This handy add-on doubles your HoldUp 2 bike hitch carrier’s capacity from 2 to 4 bikes – perfect for quadruplets on a family outing.

First Quadrant in the Land of the Free Posts: I would consider it the Cadillac of bike racks. If I had to go with a spare mount, I would stay with the Thule. For roof rack, I have a congo cage with Yakima attachment clamps and use that for skis and kayaks. The choice there has to do with the Yakima bars being round and Thule being square.

For kayaks, being able to tilt the mounts in on the round bars to match the hull of the boat makes all the difference for not stressing the hull at one point. I would still stay with this choice. So, Yakima bars up top, Thule rack on the back. Also, I don’t care which rack system you get to put bicycles on, putting more than one bike on it will cause rubbing between the bikes and paint damage. If you are going to transport your bikes on a rack that brings them close together, get used to paint damage.

I don’t ride the paint on the bike, I ride the bike so the damage to the paint I don’t care about. Also, I put the bikes in a covered trailer but tying them down results in the same type of damage to the paint. I’ve gotten used to it. When the bikes were new, I used to fret over it.

Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Rack for 2″ Hitches – Platform Style – Tilting

Of course, this is all leading up to Saturday, when we reveal how each of our 4 racks stacked up against one another in an old fashioned magazine shootout. Yakima Two Timer rack review The Yakima Two Timer rack is a little more conventional in form than the other racks in the test. The center mounted hook system is designed to grip the bike near the middle of the top tube. The instructions do point out that these hooks can also be positioned on the top tube, the down tube, or even at the bottom of a ladies bike frame.

You do have to remember to install the bike with the lowest top tube on the side of the rack closest to the car, since that hook has to go down first. One of the challenges of loading bikes on most racks is interference between seats and handlebars.

The HoldUp is Yakima’s fastest, easiest way to load bikes. This hitch rack style bike rack holds 2 bikes and can be expanded to hold 4 with the HoldUp +2.

They are usually the first name that comes to mind when pondering which bike rack to use when transporting your pride and joy to and from the mountain. While they have a massive array of racks that suit any need you could have, we’ve narrowed down our test to their premium T2 hitch rack. Have a look inside to read our impressions of the T2 and see whether or not it makes the grade to carry your baby. Thule T2 Hitch Rack Transporting our expensive steeds can be tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t own a pickup truck.

The options include stuffing it into the back of your car – never a good idea if you care even the slightest amount about your interior, a roof mounted rack – a real pain in the back if you have heavy bikes or a car that is over four feet tall, or a strap-mounted trunk rack – I don’t know about you, but hanging my pride and joy off of a few straps does not sound like a good idea. The last, and usually the ideal solution, is a hitch mounted rack. Hitch racks usually have the most going for them, being the most solid and easiest to load and unload bikes from as well.

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Aug 08,  · Yakima’s HoldUP retails for $ and is a burly, simple-to-use, and aerodynamic system. Ryan Dunfee photo. For those of us not rocking monster dually pickups with space to hang 57 bikes over the tailgate, hitch-mounted tray racks are the most pro way to go.

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Yakima ForkLift Review

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Until prospective orders turn into firm contracts, relying on any numerical commitments is premature. Meanwhile, development continues on an aggressive schedule.

The HoldUp is Yakima’s fastest, easiest way to load bikes. Its beefed-up arm pivot makes it stronger than ever and the side-to-side adjustability reduces the chance for bike-to-bike interference.

Scott Genius versus Jun 3, You don’t have to be a genius to make the right decision Ten years ago, Scott unveiled the Genius, its first “Do-it-All” super-lightweight carbon trail bike. Times have changed, and trails have changed, and Scott’s genius line of bikes… Mountain Bike Action Shootout Special Edition Feb 8, Shootouts have always been a popular feature in Mountain Bike Action because everyone likes a good race.

And believe us, many of our shootouts are super-tight races. We have gather our bike, product and apparel shootouts from the last… 26er Versus 29er: The opportunity to do such a shootout presented itself when Cannondale Bicycles graciously supplied us with two mid-priced aluminum hardtails… Shootout: Seven Flat Pedals Go Pin to Pin Mar 26, Aside from your hands on the bars, the pedal is the most important interface between you and the bike.

While a clipless system and a stiff-soled shoe will offer the most efficient platform, there are some pretty talented riders who… Wheel Wars: There was a 26, You can read the entire shootout by clicking here. Two thousand dollars will buy you many things. It could buy you a junky car, a laptop computer, a thousand cups of coffee, or one very competent trailbike.

Bike Racks I Have Known: Yakima and Swagman

Roof, Hitch, towball or clip on. The G6 comes complete with LED lights and a timeless design that will complement your vehicle looks. All bikes are individually locked to the carrier and the wheel straps feature the pump function for comfortable and secure holding of the wheels. Maximum of 24kg per bikes. You can also add another bike with the 4th bike adaptor and also has load ramps as an accessory.

Apr 13,  · The Yakima Holdup is on par with the T2. For the most part all yakima products have an equivalent Thule product in terms of quality and functionality. Thule is more popular and if you are looking to resell it in the future you will probably find it easier to sell the Thule system.

Alloy tube So, what do you do when you want to get current with a new turntable and you find the field swollen with overpriced gear and on the other side, cheap Junk?? You shoot for a Technics SL So I bought one! On my unit, the finish on the top of the turntable at three spots shows signs of the ‘finish paint’ not being properly sprayed. In another words, it looks like someone took a pencil eraser and went back and forth a few hundred times over the top finish and wore out the finish coating.

Ok,not good but something I could live with cause it’s not that bad, but, it doesnt make it look splendidly new either!

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